Tuesday, June 8, 2010

In A Nutshell

I know, I know. It's been a few months since I last blogged. So here is an update on our lives...

Sydney: She is doing great. We celebrated her 12th birthday last month. She got a cell phone (I was out voted, but I'm secretly glad she has one now) I am seriously struggling with her growing up. I hate that I missed out on the first 7 years of her life, and feel like she's in fast forward. I remind myself that I'm just learning this lesson now so I'm prepared for when we have a child. Her sense of humor cracks me up. We went to my grandparents pool a few weeks ago. I felt bad because we didn't have one of her friends come along, and I figured she'd be bored within 10 minutes. I should have known better. She entertained all of us and herself for hours. I LOVE her creative, imaginary, story telling, dramatic personality. She had all of us rolling! I have never met anyone with an imagination like hers. It's exciting to watch the kind of woman she is going to grow up to be. She loves fashion design. She spends hours sketching, designing, creating outfits. Last weekend she had a friend over and they had to make a music video for a class project. She told me they had to take information they learned about Canada and write lyrics to a song. So I figured they would do a song to the tune of twinkle, twinkle little star or something. Umm, I was wrong. They did American Idiot by Greenday...one of those friendly reminders she's not a little girl anymore. Here's some pics from before taping their video. I think they were going for an 80's punk look?!

Grady and Riley: my babies are also doing wonderful. Randy and I invested in an underground fence for them and they're lovin' it. We found a collar that vibrates for Grady as his warning if he gets close to the fence. He is the biggest baby, and still uncertain where he can go in the yard. Riley is starting to lose weight! He plays outside from the time we get home from work and until we go to bed. They have killed all of my new plants in the front from peeing on them. Not sure what to do about that yet. Riley is a creature of habit, Grady not so much. Rileys schedule is the same day in and day out. My favorite is when I tell him its bedtime. He grabs his blankie (yes both of them have their own blankie) and jumps in bed with it. We love our sleep :D. Grady is another story...I don't think there is one thing he does on a daily basis. Grady recently had some growths removed. We decided to send them in for cytology. They did come back cancerous, but apparently a very non-aggressive type. We are supposed to look out for any more growths (I found another one :( ) I of course am freaked out and cry just thinking about it. Just keep him and Randy in your prayers.

Randy and I: I received a couple emails from some readers wanting to know the outcome from the last post. Opps, sorry to leave ya hangin'! I'm not pregnant. Quick recap for my pcos followers: bfn after that ovulation. I did the provera/clomid 100mg again but didn't ovulate. We increased to 150mg clomid and I had a mature follicle on day 15 and hadn't released yet. I went on day 17 for a HCG injection, but that didn't work either. We will be going to a fertility clinic in Ft. Wayne in August to figure out our next step. I am obviously starting to get slightly desperate and decided that while I wait for my appt. in ft. Wayne, I'm going to try acupuncture. Its supposed to help pcos patients (still don't know if I believe it) I go once a week and I'm trying another round of drugs just to see if it works this time. (being a perfectionist doesn't help my situation :D ) Acupuncture has been eventful. I always thought it would be relaxing and I love needles, don't judge me. You can't feel the needles, but the sites ache so bad. I guess we'll just wait and see in a few weeks if it's been worth it! I promise Randy and I have a life outside of this infertility issue. We have been going to Indianapolis Indian games recently. We love the city, the tickets are cheap, and its a full day we can spend together.

Okay, I think that's everything! Love you!

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  1. I love reading your blogs, Casey! I think about you a lot and I'm praying for a BFP for you VERY soon!

    So acupuncture isn't relaxing?? Maybe I won't try it then...