Wednesday, December 23, 2009

This was my day...No Lie.

So let me tell you how awful my day was today. It started at 2:00am after waking up from a dream about a worm crawling into my bellybutton. The next thing I know I wake up as I am putting tape over my bellybutton in order to keep this thing in(?). Thank you out of control hormones. That was a lifetime experience. So after freaking myself out, I of course was wide awake the rest of the night.
Fast forward...
Today I worked for a Dr. that I find extremely intimidating. He comes up to me this morning and asks where the patient records are that he used for his dictation. So at this point, I'm freaking out because I have NO idea what he's talking about, I'm going to look like an idiot, I don't have an answer from him, etc. So I told him all three. Long story short, yesterday a colleague gave me stack of papers and instructed me which ones to scan and which ones to shred. So I did. Oh yeah. Opps! Sorry Dr., but you see, silly me accidentally shredded them...He sucked my soul out as I suspected, and probably the worm creature too. He "apologized" later after finding out I was just doing what I was told. I still felt responsible for it because technically I was the one who pulled the trigger. Not a good way to start the day.
Shortly after that, I got chucked under the bus again by another Dr. It's too long of a story, but needless to say, I had my feelings hurt. Did I do everything I possibly should have? No. Looking back, I should have handled the situation differently. This Dr. didn't know it was me handling the situation, and I wish he would have talked to me first before gossiping to none other than the Dr. I worked for today. Here I am learning from it, and here I am moving on from it.
Fast forward...
After work, I had to run to Walmart for groceries. At this point, I'm tired, I don't feel good, I lost track of how many screw ups I've had, and now I am at Walmart 2 days before Christmas at 5:30pm. I am just as pissed off as every other person in the building. I fight my to the back and I am waiting in line to grab milk. Which by the way, drives me insane when 80 yr. old people take 10 min. to pick out which milk they should purchase. YOU HAVE BEEN DRINKING IT FOR 80 YEARS! It has a blue cap, red cap, or pink cap. Not that hard...anyways, I was waiting for an elderly woman in a motorized cart to pick her milk. She proceeds to swivel around and tell me I can buy a gallon of milk for $1.66 at Aldi's. Great. Let me fight my way back up to the front, find my car somewhere in the BFE parking lot, in the ice/snow/sleet, and drive to Aldi's for a gallon of flippin' milk. I smiled and said "oh really?" She proceeds to go to the sour cream/butter section. I think to myself, she's going to be "that person" the one when you're grocery shopping and no matter what isle you're in, they are too, and at first you smile and chuckle to each other, and by the end you are so tired of running into them you skip half the items on your list just so you don't have to fake being happy to see them again.
Okay now take that scenario and multiply it by 100. That was this lady. I maneuvered myself around her, only to realize that every time I took something off the shelf she would quote Aldi's price. I thanked her and moved on. I'm walking down the chip isle and I hear her recommending some chips, I stop to listen to be polite, and she then brings them to me and sets them in my cart. Nothing in life can ever prepare you for this moment. I'm thinking 100 different ways to get rid of her, but there was just no escape. Every time I stopped to look at something, she would give me a price, a recommendation, or just simply put it in my cart. No lie. I would turn around to grab something off the shelf and POOF! There would a can of hominy, chick peas, tomato paste, anything within her reach would be in my cart!
This behavior continued all the way up to the frozen vegetables. I then did the most un-Christian thing imaginable. I pawned her off onto a mother with her 2 boys. This mother was just looking for frozen spinach. I stopped, I looked at the mother, I looked at my tag-along, I looked back at the mother and said with a smile, "Oh, I'm sure my new friend here will be able to help you!" Of course tag-along sucked it up like a fish sucks up a luggie, and began asking why she wanted frozen, not fresh, why not iceburg? or romaine lettuce? because Aldi's has those on sale, but not frozen spinach...and I ran. No lie. I ran with my cart full of who knows what.
I have to admit, it was kind of fun unloading groceries. I now have enough cream of broccoli, cream of celery, cream of mushroom, cream of chicken, cream of .. anything, to last me a year. I have enough cans of fried onion straws to feed an army. Oh, and my personal favorite...Blow Pop suckers. I don't know when the last time I had a sucker was. I'm having one right now. Strawberry even!
It is now my bedtime. I have been looking forward for this moment for too many hours now.