Monday, November 23, 2009

Ode to the Twilight Saga

Ode to myself for being a wife, a step mom, and a Twilighter

Ode to those who skipped their basic needs of survival in order to finish reading the saga in record time.

Ode to moms out there that requested for Mothers day, to have their hubby take the children away for the day so she could lock herself in her room and read Midnight Sun online...(Okay maybe thats just Stacy!)
Ode to all who secretly believe they are more in love with Edward and Jacob than any other reader on this planet, and get defensive when others try to imply otherwise

Ode to Team Jacob fans...I know the breakup with Edward was hard and devastating and took weeks of deliberation, but a wise decision. Edward just wants you to be happy

Ode to all the husbands out there who have to put up with their wives being obsessed with a fictional character. It must suck

Ode to all the husbands who try desperately to understand what Edward/Jacob have that you don't. Give up. They're perfect.

Ode to those who have read the books so many times that they know the answers to questions like: What does the biology class study under the microscopes, what are Emmett and Edwards favorite animal to eat, list the Cullens family, in chronological order, when they became vampires, etc.

Ode to Twilighters who didn't order their Team Jacob shirt until the last minute and giving themselves and ulcer worrying if it would make it in time for the release of New Moon

Ode to all who showed up at 7:00pm for the midnight release of New Moon and not getting home until 4:00am and having to work the next day

Ode to me for running down my immune system due to sleep deprivation, and thinking to myself every time I threw up and every time my fever would spike, "Its okay Edward and Jacob, it was worth it"

Ode the couple we sat next to at the theater who were celebrating the husbands B-day by ballroom dancing followed by Twilight and New Moon. He may be the closest thing to perfect.

Ode to the readers who think of people in their lives that remind them of Twilight characters because its the closest thing to reality as we can get.

Ode to my husband for being offended when I told him he's my Edward, even though I'm Team Jacob.

Ode to step-moms who won't let their step-daughter read the Saga until she can truly appreciate the love we share for Edward and Jacob

Ode to all the friends, laughs, cries, fights and memories I have had because of the Twilight Saga