Saturday, October 3, 2009

Our New Purchase

For those of you that were wondering what Randy and I do on drizzly Saturday mornings... We buy things. And when I say "buy things" I don't mean groceries, dog food, or even clothes for that matter. We buy couches and televisions and vehicles and sweepers. So today we bought a new kitchen table...

Like most newlyweds, our house was full of something borrowed, something old, and something cheap. I love the stories we have about each one we replace though. We had a recliner that was seriously the color of cat poop, a vehicle with a leaky back window that we had to convince Sydney her seat wasn't wet, it just felt cold, and one of my favorites, our kitchen table. My parents graciously bought me this table when I moved into my apartment in Ft. Wayne. Keep in mind, I lived by myself, but my mother was convinced I had to have one..I guess to sit by myself and eat mac & cheese?

When Randy bought the house, the table moved in too. I'm pretty sure I could have built a table more stable than what this thing was. Let's begin with the chairs. Two of the chairs, everytime you sat in them, afterwards you would have to flip it on its back and straighten the metal legs back out because they would all fold in. The legs were pretty much at a permanent 60 degree angle. The table itself, I'm convinced was made by Satan. It was IMPOSSIBLE to balance. It didn't matter how many layers of cardboard I would stick under the base. It was still rock. The tabletop would shake like crazy. We literally had to take turns cutting our food, while the others tried to hold it steady. I couldn't fill our glasses too full because if Grady would bump the table, it would spill over the top.

Sydney had a slumber party once, and we ordered pizza. Her friends started to sit down at the table, and Sydney proceded to tell them "Oh, we don't sit at the table, it's not safe. We just eat in front of the TV"....Here's your sign!

So we finally bought a new sturdy table today! They had it on display at the store and you should have seen us checking it out! We pulled the chair down from the display and we wiggled and jumped and scooted and, you get the idea. We each took a side of the table and shook and pushed and pulled, and they didn't budge! SOLD! I even helped put it together. Randy would argue with the word "helped" He only had to redue both my chairs...We put it in place and I of course tested each chair. 1st chair-check, 2nd chair-check, 3rd-check, 4th-....wobbly!! I don't know wether to laugh or cry. So if we ever invite you over to dinner, I appologize if you grab the wrong seat.

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  1. I love the table! I'm proud to say that I have been on a few of your lazy day purchasing trips. And don't feel bad. Today we bought...drum roll please...a treadmill. Yup, that's what I said. Laugh if you want to. I know I did. Love you guys!